Monday, May 5, 2014

Freeware Fire Fighting Game - Station 37

Freeware Fire Fighting Game - Station 37

This game is about fighting fire and rescuing people. Grab your axe, fire extinguisher, helmet, and run into the fire!

Game instructions:

  • The arrow keys move your firefighter.
  • The 'A' key makes you jump.
  • Holding the 'S' key uses the fire extinguisher. Hold UP or DOWN while shooting to aim the stream. You can find items to replenish your extinguisher reserve.
  • The 'D' key uses the fire axe. Use it on doors and debris to clear out a path.
  • The DOWN arrow key picks up civillians. Bring them to the fire chief or to the firetruck outside to rescue them.

Station 37 Trailer by FrankieSmileShow:

Freeware Fire Fighting Game - Station 37 Download Button


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