Sunday, July 21, 2013

Advanced Strategic Command - Free TBS Game

Advanced Strategic Command Screenshot Image
Advanced Strategic Command is a free, turn based strategy game. It is designed in the tradition of the Battle Isle series from Bluebyte and is currently available for Windows and Linux.

ASC can be played both against the AI and against other human players, using hotseat or PlayByMail.

  • Full suport for Undo
  • Campaigns available in several language:
  • Tutorial: English, German, French
  • Standard: English, German
  • Kamor: German, French
  • NOS: German, French
  • Contributions for further translations are welcome!
  • Fixed a lot of problems (mostly regressions) in AI, making it much better in Campaign maps
  • Reviewed and polished campaigns, fixing lots of problems that crept in due to evolving ASC data
  • ASC and mapeditor can now be scripted with LUA
  • Added package management to check dependencies between data packages
  • Fixed problems that occured on Vista/Win7 with limited permissions
  • Lots of bugfixes and smaller refinements


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